Reservation Procedure

  1. Please call to check the availability of the timeslot you need.
  2. Fill the application form which can be downloaded from our website.
  3. Applicant will receive the invoice of the booking within 4 days if the application is successful. If the application is not confirmed, we will notify the applicant by phone or e-mail.
  4. Please settle the payment before the deadline according to the remark of our email to retain your booking.
  5. Payment Method:

(A). By Cheque: Please make crossed cheque payable to "HKSKH Blessed Service Management Limited ". Please remark the “Booking code’ and “Name of customer” at the back of the cheque.


(B) By Bank Transfer: Please transfer your payment directly to Bank of East Asia account 015-514-10-406572-0. Please remark “Booking code’ and “Name of customer” on the bank payment record, fax or email to us. For the original copy of the bank payment record, please give to our staff upon your arrival.

      6. Bookings with overdue payment will be cancelled. Applicants please settle the payment before the deadline and provide related document to us.